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Shout it from the rooftops!

Let the Villager's know all about your business and special offers.

Reach thousands of residents for pennies in print!

With the of The Villages

Never has it been more important then now to reach Villagers where they live!

And nowhere in the U.S. do more people read their mail than in The Villages!

That’s why we created the Mega Mailer!

The Mega Mailer will:

  • Allow you to deliver targeted ads to The Villagers’ mailboxes.
  • Target your optimal audience based on area.
  • Save you up to 95% on postage while improving your visibility.
  • Be completely customized to fit your needs – we even offer design options.
  • Allow you to add as many or as few areas as you want.

The Mega Mailer is super easy, convenient and cost-effective!

Only 2¢ to 15¢ cents per household!

Get Noticed

Your business gets noticed and found by residents quickly and easily, enabling them to get in touch with you fast!

Attract New Customers

Large, exclusive Mega Mailers with great offers can bring many new customers into your business!

Become Well-Known

Participating in repeat mailings, and great customer service will help your business become the "talk of the town!"