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Attract More Customers

To Your Retail Store

Information Specific to Retail:

Local retailers love local customers. The more shoppers you bring in the door, the faster you can grow your business.

The Mega Mailer is an outstanding way to introduce people to your store and generate a steady flow of new and repeat customers.

What works best for Retail?
Actually all sizes work the best for retail depending on the size of your store and your averaged priced products.

For example, if you own or run a furniture store, you would probably want to stick with a large or medium ad. 

If you run a small thrift shop, you will probably only want a small or mini ad.

All ad sizes except mini ad in offer plenty of room to include:

  • Tempting images of your merchandise and your store
  • Benefits of buying your products
  • Your special offer(s)
  • Hours
  • Contact information

For the best results, feature a special offer on your hottest current merchandise. 

Combined with the right layout and design, these elements will ensure you’ll get the greatest response rate and highest ROI for your advertising.